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A new epic trailer, full of action and battles for Marcus Nispel’s “Conan the Barbarian” is now online.

The movie stars Jason Momoa, Ron Perlman, Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, and Rachel Nichols.

The official synopsis:
“Having thrived and evolved for eight consecutive decades in the public imagination- in prose and graphics, on the big screen and small, in games and properties of all kinds- Conan’s exploits in the Hyborian Age now come alive like never before in a colossal 3D action-adventure film. A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of Hyboria from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil.”

Conan will invade Australian cinemas on August 18th in 3D.


Some new names for Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy ending “The Dark Knight Rises”  have been added to the cast: Brett Cullen, Chris Ellis, Matthew Modine, Tom Conti and Joey King.

All of them will join to Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine.

The Dark Knight Rises will hit Australian cinemas on July 19, 2012.

A new episode of Kevin Tancharoen’s internet hit “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” is online and finally features the iconic characters and arch-rivals Scorpion (Ian Anthony Dale) and Sub Zero (Kevan Ohtsji).

No more words and enjoy this epic episode below…Round 7 – Fight!

Episode 7: “Scorpion and Sub Zero (Part 1)”

Hanzo Hasashi, better known as the warrior Scorpion, is summoned to meet with the Shogun of Kumamoto Castle. While traveling, the fearless General of the Shirai Ryu clan encounters his mortal enemy, Sub-Zero. Scorpion realizes too late that this trap has led him away from his village and family, leaving them without means to defend themselves. He knows that he must defeat Sub-Zero and return to his village before it is too late.

Last week Yahoo Movies launched the full 3D Theatrical Trailer for Martin Campbell’s “The Green Lantern”

The Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, and Mark Strong.

The official synopsis:
In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order, each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal Jordan. Hal is a gifted and cocky test pilot, but the Green Lanterns have little respect for humans, who have never harnessed the infinite powers of the ring before. But Hal is clearly the missing piece to the puzzle, and along with his determination and willpower, he has one thing no member of the Corps has ever had: humanity. With the encouragement of fellow pilot and childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), if Hal can quickly master his new powers and find the courage to overcome his fears, he may prove to be not only the key to defeating Parallax…he will become the greatest Green Lantern of all.

Hal Jordan will bring his adventures to Australian cinemas in 3D on August 4, 2011.

via. Yahoo Movies.

A new character poster for X-men: First Class is now online, and features Azazel, played by Jason Flemyng.

Azazel,  is an age-old interdimensional mutant, and the father of Nightcrawler (played by Alan Cumming in Xmen2).

A new trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class” is now online and features the character of Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence.

The movie stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, January Jones, Oliver Platt, and Kevin Bacon.

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, following the classic Marvel mythology, charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga. Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men.

X-Men: First Class will hit Australian cinemas the next June 2.

A teaser poster for Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man is now online. It doesn’t show much, but at least you have the first look of the official logo for the film. Moreover, if you look closer in detail you can see that the background image is a texture, probably from Spiderman’s suit, but at the top and the bottom area some scales are visibles as well in clear reference to the villain of the film “The Lizard”.

The reboot is directed by Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Connors, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben Parker, Sally Field as Aunt May and Denis Leary as George Stacy.

The Amazing Spider-Man will hit Australian cinemas in 3D on July 4, 2012

Stay tuned on the official site of the film, the site might get launched soon after this

UPDATED, many websites are now reporting that this poster is FAKE, but there is no official confirmation yet.

Michael Bay’s official website
and youtube channel launched a new trailer for “Transformers: The Dark Moon” , which shows some more new footage and of course tons of explosions.

The film stars Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Josh Duhamel, John Malkovich, Tyrese Gibson, Frances McDormand, and Ken Jeong.

The official synopsis of the film:
The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, are back in action, taking on the evil Decepticons, who are determined to avenge their defeat in 2009’s Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. In this new movie, the Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the U.S. and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky has to come to the aid of his robot friends. There’s new characters too, including a new villain in the form of Shockwave, a longtime “Transformers” character who rules Cybertron while the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out on Earth.

The film will hit Australian cinemas on June 30th.