About Spotlight Report

Spotlight Report born as an idea between 3 friends, fans of the movies, photography and music in 2009. The necessities of find correct information on the net about the upcoming events was the main reason to build this site, because so many times the info was wrong.

This website was made with the only purpose of giving to the public the information they need. This website doesn’t want to publish about gossip and uncomfortable things about the celebrities. The main target is promoting the events and as much information as possible related with entertainment in Australia.

Spotlight Report doesn’t want to get money or nothing related, it’s a web without lucrative pretensions, only made by people to the public.



For any question or more information just contact us at spotlightreport@gmail.com

  1. gareth says:

    hey its Gareth here. nice page u have. cant w8 to see how it dose in the future! congrats with getting it up.

  2. walee says:

    I love you justinnnn:D:D

  3. sorab Del Rio says:

    Dear The Spotlight report,

    My name is Sorab Del Rio and I am setting up an independent comic publishing venture called Silver Fox Comics. Our first debut release will be producing 2 new all original stories for the legendary Zorro. This will be released in a 52-page issue retailing for $7 in Dec 2010. This is officially licensed and I have worked closely with Zorro Productions to bring this personal dream project to life. I am the publisher and writer for the 2 new Zorro stories and have commissioned artwork for this project. I am the first Aussie to write for Zorro and am also in discussions for a possible release in the US next year.

  4. Please drop me an email so I can send you news and review material of the Australian artists and labels we’re working with.

  5. it Was a Great Venue and great turn out….. a lot pictures on Carpet was taken of me , where can i see them ?


  6. Took me time to read all of the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be very helpful to me and I’m certain to all the commenters right here! It is usually good whenever you cannot only be informed, but also engaged! I am certain you had joy writing this article.

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