Finally the first teaser trailer for Happy feet 2 is now online, and as usual with great quality in terms of 3D animation.

Directed by George Miller, the film stars Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, Pink, Elizabeth Daily, Sofía Vergara, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Hank Azaria

The Plot of the film:
The eagerly anticipated sequel to the Oscar-winning hit Happy Feet Two finds tap-dancing penguin Mumble (voice of Elijah Wood) and his pals using their smooth moves to save the penguin nation. Mumble and Gloria (voice of Pink) have started a family of their own, and their young son, Erik, is just finding his footing among his fellow emperor penguins when a dire new threat thrusts their future into jeopardy. Just when it begins to look as if all hope is lost, the penguin nation bands together to dance the darkness away.


Ticketmaster just announced the only Sydney show for SIR ELTON JOHN AND HIS BAND.

Be the first to see Elton John when he kicks- off his Australian tour with this special live performance. Elton and his full band will be performing in an intimate-style concert with only 2000 tickets available. This is the only show that has been announced in Sydney!

The venue will be at the Lyric theatre Star City on Sunday 27th November, 2011.

Tickets are on sale tomorrow! – Mon 30/05/11, 09:00

For tickets click here.

The tour dates are:

November 27 – Lyric Theatre Star city – Sydney

November 30 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre.
December 3 – Hope Estate, NSW Hunter Valley.
December 6 – Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena.
December 9 – Adelaide’s Coopers Brewery Amphitheatre.
December 11 – Burswood Dome, Perth.

*Image via. Idolatror

The first official trailer for new director Larysa Kondracki’s ‘The Whistleblower’ is now online.

The film stars Rachel Weisz, Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Bellucci and David Strathairn

The synopsis:
Inspired by actual events, Kathy (Academy Award(R) winner Rachel Weisz) is an American police officer who takes a job working as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. Her expectations of helping to rebuild a devastated country are dashed when she uncovers a dangerous reality of corruption, cover-up and intrigue amid a world of private contractors and multinational diplomatic doubletalk.

The film is set to be released the next August 5th, 2011 in Usa with no official release date for Australia yet.

Australia’s most amazing sci-fi rock band SLIMEY THINGS will play their last show before embarking on an extended hiatus, to record and re-evaluate their planetary mission.

To precede the event, the band will release ‘AM I WEIRD?’ the final single from the critically acclaimed ‘Quantum Reality TV’ album. ‘AM I WEIRD?’ is classic Slimeys – mixing pop sensibilities with technical brilliance, in under 2 minutes. As singer Nick Soole states “It explains a lot about us.”

The band will play their last show in Sydney on Saturday June 11th at TONE, as part of the annual Featherfest showcase, alongside Japan’s legendary Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins) and Umlaut, the project of Mr Bungle saxophonist Bar McKinnon. Slimey Things will then head into Sydney’s Brain Studios to record their next full length album.

The future of the band remains uncertain, as their home planet considers their fate based on the results of the band’s studies of human behaviour since formation. They leave behind as evidence of their visit a string of hit video clips, hordes of ardent followers across the nation, and the utmost respect and fandom of the underground experimental music scene.

Originally from the Planet Thaldor, SLIMEY THINGS were first sighted in the venues of Sydney’s underground in 2001. The humanoid troupe of pseudo-pop psychos have a developed a reputation for their quirky but infectious music and their memorable, laugh-out-loud live performances.

Their sound is an energetic blend of catchy pop, futuristic rock, sci-fi movie soundtracks and zany cartoon sound effects. Unearthed by enigmatic frontman and composer Nick Soole, SLIMEY THINGS have been acclaimed as one of the most unique and entertaining acts to emerge from Sydney.

Slimey Things have notched up an impressive resume – establishing the successful annual Space Prom series, co-founding the influential Pseudo-pop collective and sharing the stage with acts including Ruins-alone, Umlaut, Darth Vegas, Jay Katz, CODA and The Kidney Thieves. The band have graced stages across Australia, earning repeat invitations to perform at Progfest, Featherfest and a host of notable events, including Peats Ridge Festival and the Supanova Pop Culture Expo.  2010 saw the release of their second album Quantum Reality TV and their most successful national tour, which featured as part of the Menagerie festival of experimental music.

With widespread radio airplay, videos on RAGE and their QUANTUM REALITY TV, MADE BY ROBOTS and SPACE TOAST releases in hot demand, it’s only a matter of time before the catchy rhythms of SLIMEY THINGS cannot be contained and breach Earth’s puny defenses.

 ‘Am I Weird?’ will be released through independent label Bird’s Robe Records and is available as a free download from and

Saturday June 11th @ TONE, Surry Hills w/RUINS-alone + Umlaut + Darth Vegas + Captain Kickarse

This could be earth dwellers last chance to see the band in a live setting – don’t miss out.

The fastest growing band in this country unbeknownst to some.” – Jaimie Leonarder, SBS Movie Show

Amazing musicians…f**n awesome!”  – Dave Eastgate, Sydney Comedy Festival

Slimey Things are the most entertaining live group I’ve ever seen. Their music is so fantastically warped, but also contains some of the most infectious melodies amidst the madness.” – Andrew Levins, FBI 94.5FM

I loved it. The crowd loved it…superstardom awaits.” – Dani Minogue, pop princess

 ‘AM I WEIRD?’ is available as a free download from or

‘Quantum Reality TV’ and ‘Made By Robots’ albums available now on iTunes.

Web: /


Legendary Japanese drummer TATSUYA YOSHIDA is performing as RUINS-ALONE for the first time in Australia and will be headlining Feather Fest 2011 in Sydney.  Joining him will be Mr Bungle’s Bär McKinnon and his Melbourne-based outfit UMLAUT.

The all-day event also features a stellar local cast, including DARTH VEGAS, SLIMEY THINGS, SHANGHAI, GODSWOUNDS and many more.

Presale tickets are available from Moshtix
Facebook event here
Saturday June 11th
feat. Ruins-alone (Japan) + Umlaut + Darth Vegas + Slimey Things + Shanghai + Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes + Godswounds + The Bznzz + Serious Beak + Three Wise Monkeys

16 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills NSW
Doors 2pm
18+ only

Peter Jackson confirmed on his facebook page that Orlando Bloom will comeback as Legolas for The Hobbit:

“Ten years ago, Orlando Bloom created an iconic character with his portrayal of Legolas. I’m excited to announce today that we’ll be revisiting Middle Earth with him once more. I’m thrilled to be working with Orlando again. Funny thing is, I look older—and he doesn’t! I guess that’s why he makes such a wonderful elf.”

Bloom will renunite with his old mates,  Ian McKellen (Gandalf ), Hugo Weaving (Elrond), Andy Serkis (Gollum),  Cate Blanchett (Galadriel), Ian Holm (old Bilbo), and Elijah Wood (Frodo).

Finally the poster of Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) is online!

Directed by David Yates, the movie stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Tom Felton, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman, David Thewlis, Julie Walters and  Bonnie Wright.

The official synopsis:

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2,” is the final adventure in the Harry Potter film series. The much-anticipated motion picture event is the second of two full-length parts.

In the epic finale, the battle between the good and evil forces of the wizarding world escalates into an all-out war. The stakes have never been higher and no one is safe. But it is Harry Potter who may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice as he draws closer to the climactic showdown with Lord Voldemort.

It all ends here.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2” stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, reprising their roles as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The film’s ensemble cast also includes Helena Bonham Carter, Jim Broadbent, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Tom Felton, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Ciarán Hinds, John Hurt, Jason Isaacs, Matthew Lewis, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, David Thewlis, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters and Bonnie Wright.

The film was directed by David Yates, who also helmed the blockbusters “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1.” David Heyman, the producer of all of the Harry Potter films, produced the film, together with David Barron. Screenwriter Steve Kloves adapted the screenplay, based on the book by J.K. Rowling. Lionel Wigram is the executive producer.

Behind the scenes, the creative team was led by director of photography Eduardo Serra, production designer Stuart Craig, editor Mark Day, composer Alexandre Desplat, visual effects supervisor Tim Burke, and costume designer Jany Temime.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Heyday Films production, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” which marks the last installment in the most successful film franchise of all time.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 opens in 3D in Australian cinemas on July 14th.

“It All Ends”

Thanks to Fox Australia, we watched X-Men: First Class before its official release in cinemas. This is our own review, but remember, we still recommend you to go and watch the film, because there is no better critic than yourself!

X-Men: First Class, tells the origin of the mutants in our world, with young Charles Xavier (played by James McAvoy) and Erik Lensher (Michael Fassbender), better known as Magneto, as the main characters of the film. Each of them has a different story to tell.

Charles has money and good life. When he was young he met Raven Darkholme better known as Mystique. Because Mystique is also a mutant, they become best friends. They even lived together as brother and sister during their younger years. When Charles became aware that he has the ability to read minds, he decided to study genetics and become a professor.

On the other hand, Erik was a prisoner of The Nazis. During this time, the evil Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) learned about his magnetic powers. Shaw wants to manipulate that power for his own benefit. Erik refused, as he couldn’t control his powers and he was tortured for years. Shaw even killed his mother ensuring that Erik witness her painful death.

The other mutants on the other hand, are working together to cause chaos. Shaw, with the help of his members, Emma Frost (January Jones), Azazel (Jason Flemyng) and Riptide (Álex González), started to manipulate the high commands of Russia and USA, with the ultimate objective of pushing both countries into a nuclear war. If this happens, they believe that Mutants will be the only survivors of the nuclear holocaust.

In the middle of these, Xavier meets his friend Erik who will be known as “Magneto”. Magneto is looking for vengeance against Shaw because of what he did to him during his capture.  The two of them started searching for mutants around the world to create a team with the help of the CIA. The CIA helped them by starting a special program for “people with special abilities” in order to find and defeat Shaw and his team.

One of the things that make this film works is the excellent selection of cast, with Michael Fassbender as Erik and James McAvoy as Charles. Both of the actors were totally immerse in their roles and delivered outstanding performances that will surely satisfy the fans by giving them what they wanted to see; that is, the development of the friendship of these 2 characters, with their different pasts and opposing ideologies and how they become rivals.

The good thing about this film is it does not solely focus on Professor X and Magneto. The origin of Beast or why Mystique joins the side of Magneto is also intriguing to see. The humor is not absent on the film, with few funny scenes, especially where you can see Charles Xavier as a normal student partying in London and using his knowledge of genetic mutations to pick up some girls. The film also has a lot of small details directly from the X-men universe, especially done for the fans of the saga and the comic books, even including some amazing cameos that will surprise you more than once.

Matthew Vaughn’s prequel, reminds us the feelings we experienced after watching  J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek (websites like Collider and Slashfilm shared the same feelings too!), with a fresh air, amazing cast, excellent script and filmography. Moreover, you can feel the unique touch of the producer of the film, Bryan Singer (who directed the first 2 X-Men films) in this new X-men movie. Furthermore, this film is truly a prequel to Singer’s X-movies, there is no question about it.

X-Men: First Class is solid movie, a non-stop story, with great performances, outstanding special effects and a great script. These gives the film the feeling of a comic book story coming to life, including lots of Marvel and X-men trivia that will thrill all comic book lovers. Moreover, is a good example that 3D is not always necessary to create a great movie…This is for sure a must watch film!

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS will hit Australian cinemas on June 2, 2011

‘Proof that Sydney indie theatre doesn’t always need to be curated within an inch of its life, bouffed with a $400 haircut and wrapped in a Palestinian neckscarf to be awesome. Phew and Yay.’ – Iain Sinclair, theatre director.

Thirty Three revolves around that morning-after-the-night-before moment of realisation that the truth genie has been let out of the bottle and can’t be stuffed back in. This was not the 33rd birthday Saskia imagined. It’s a night she’ll struggle to remember… yet somehow never forget.

Dolled up in her op-shop birthday frock, the beautiful Saskia opens her cool Newtown terrace to a handful of her closest friends for a low-key dinner party to celebrate her 33rd birthday.

When her estranged little brother Josh shows up out of the blue the night takes a sharp turn for the worse.

Loaded with booze and late-night party supplies, the revelry begins. Add into the mix a couple on the verge of divorce, a gatecrashing narcissistic cokehead and a hyperactive lesbian flower child, and sit back and watch as a friendly evening erupts into a wild night of drinking, game-playing and shocking revelations.

Secrets are spilled, bombshells are dropped, friendships are challenged and sexual tensions reach fever pitch.

Cathode Ray Tube burst onto the Sydney theatre scene last year with sell-out seasons of That Old Chestnut. Now they return with a raucous, debauched and shattering fresh urban drama about sibling rivalry, grief, marriage, sex and the eternal fight for love and acceptance.


22 June – 17 July (Weds to Sat only)
The TAP Gallery – 278 Palmer St, Darlinghurst
8pm (approx. 90 mins, no interval)
$20 at the door

For more info go to

Sydney psych-prog trio CAPTAIN KICKARSE AND THE AWESOMES have been hand-picked as tour support for the legendary Japanese musician TATSUYA YOSHIDA, who is performing for the first time in Australia as RUINS-ALONE in June.

The band are seizing the opportunity to release a new single, the live favourite ‘Doubletank’, taken from their latest EP ‘Falsimiles from the Facts Machine.’

The track is a dramatic showcase of the band’s abilities, combining their psychedelic prowess and mastery of odd time signatures whilst maintaining an infectious amount of groove. Perhaps chosen in homage to their touring partner, the track also features a blisteringly impressive drum solo from sticksman Alex O’Toole.

‘Doubletank’ marks the band’s first release through independent label Bird’s Robe Records and is available as a free download from and

CKATA command a strong underground following and have enjoyed increased exposure since the launch of their EP ‘Falsimiles from the Facts Machine’ to a sold out Excelsior Hotel in Sydney – they have featured on FBi and Triple J digital radio, toured the east coast regularly and performed stunning main stage sets at festivals including High and Dry, Menagerie and Progfest. Their support resume includes artists as diverse as Akaname (NZ), Teratova (Japan), Closure in Moscow, The Crooked Fiddle Band, The Barons of Tang, The Kidney Thieves and NeObliviscaris – and now, Ruins and Zeni Geva drummer Tatsuya Yoshida.

They will follow the Ruins-alone tour with a solo show in Sydney, launching the single at the notoriously cosy Midian warehouse in Marrickville. Fans are encouraged to arrive early, as the show promises to pack out.

“The punch in the skinny jeans I’d been yearning for…Sydney progfreaks, choc full of chops, time signature changeups and drumming intensity. They’re clearly not here to pose. They’re shirtless, dreadlocked music nerds.” – Justin Zelzer, FBi Radio

“Effortlessly cool and a treat to listen to – and that excitable feeling doesn’t drop for a second.” – Fasterlouder

Captain Kickarse and the Awesomes play the following dates in June on the ‘Doubletank’ tour:

Thursday June 9th @ FBi Social, King’s Cross NSW

Saturday June 11th @ TONE, Sydney NSW w/RUINS-alone + Umlaut + Darth Vegas + Slimey Things

Thursday June 16th @ Ed Castle, Adelaide SA w/RUINS-alone + Bronze Chariot + DOE

Friday June 17th @ Old Bar, Melbourne w/RUINS-alone + Spider Goat Canyon

Saturday June 18th @ Midian, Sydney NSW w/Rockethead + super FLORENCE jam

‘DOUBLETANK’ is available as a free download from or

‘Falsimiles from the Fact Machine’ EP available now on iTunes.

Web: /

via. Birdsrobe